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Health Insurance for your Business

HMO, POS, PPO you name it we got it. We have the ability to put together a full benefit plan that includes medical, dental, vision, life, and retirement plan.


Our services only starts with the benefits above:

  • We can also help you with

  • Worker’s compensation

  • Human Resources

  • Safety Training

  • General liability for business and auto

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Most Asked Questions

Why should we do business with your firm?

When it comes to our clients, they are number one. We try to honor this by providing the best service at the best price. Just FYI, any company with less than 50 employees is quoted the book rate. What this means is that our pricing is just as competitive as anybody else. Where we differ is the service that we provide.

  • In person enrollment

  • The direct cell phone of your local agent

  • We help with onboarding and off boarding of employees

  • We do a price comparison shopping once per year to make sure you always have the best price

Do I have to offer benefits if I have less than 50 employees?

The truth is that for most companies with less than 50 employees, a much better option would be to not offer coverage at all, and allow the employees to get their own coverage through the state exchange. We can provide a free seminar for your employees, to show them the benefit of getting their coverage through the state. You can then use the savings to add to other benefit programs that can help with employee retention.


Examples of other benefits can be:

  • Dental and Vision

  • Life Insurance

  • Retirement

  • Short Term Disability

  • Long Term Disability

Insurance Consultation

What are the qualifications in order to start a plan?

We can do group coverage for any company with a minimum size of 2 employees where one of them is a non spousal employee.


To prove this, we would just need the most recent quarterly wage report.

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