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Prestige Benefits and Insurance is expanding and we are looking for individuals with or without experience in the health industry to help us grow.

The health insurance industry is ripe for growth. In 2021, of the approximate 200,000 families in Nevada that should have gotten coverage on Nevada Health Link, only 80,000 have enrolled. My experience tells me that more families would have gotten coverage if they only knew how. 

With us you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself. With our unique team approach to helping clients, you can feel confident that all your clients will be taken care of even if you may be brand new. You make your own hours, and you have no quotas to meet.


We have predetermined guidelines for promotions. This way your promotion is only based on your production, and not your relation with your trainer. No glass ceilings here. You will be paid based on how much you produce, and that’s it. No Drama.


We are paid residual income on all health business. This means we get paid to keep our customers happy. In our training, we always focus on doing what is best for the client, that means sometimes we won’t take on a client if we are not a better fit. This actually has brought more clients back than anything else.


If you are looking for a rewarding career in the health insurance industry; you have found your spot. Give us a call/or click the interest link and we can discuss how you can start a rewarding career with us.

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